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The EHTP-ENCP- MBA was launched in 1998. A convention was signed between the two institutions in order to operate together in the MBA training segment. This was a new approach in the training market in Morocco It is a successful model experience in the field of co-operation between training institutions.

    The Program is designed to provide each participant with a set of concept and tools to analyze and enhance their own performance as business managers and, to appropriate references and frameworks to help participants work effectively in teams. It also provides an understanding of inter-and multi- cultural issues.

    The ruling objective of the EHTP-ENPC-MBA programme is to promote its vision of the leaders of tomorrow. This vision is featured by a learning process that is innovative, entrepreneurial and multicultural.

    This academic agreement has always been supported by a sponsoring committee formerly presided by the late Mr.Driss BENHIMA, CEO of the "Royal Air Maroc" company. This sponsoring committee has provided an essential credibility to the ENPC-EHTP MBA programme by involving companies and organisations, which appreciate the added value of the programme in terms of its content and mode of learning.

    For more information, please visit www.ehtp-pontsmba.net


l’EHTP forme des ingénieurs de haut niveau scientifique et technique dans les domaines en phase avec les besoins du marché de l’emploi : Génie Civil, Génie Electrique, Génie informatique, Ingénierie de l’hydraulique et de l’environnement, Ingénierie de la ville et de l’environnement, Sciences de l’information Géographique, Météorologie.

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